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By participating in this auction, all bidders agree to accept the
Terms and Conditions of Use .

1. Login
2. Auction Details
3. Dates
4. Inspection Date
5. Steps
6. Accept the bid
7. Full Payments
8. Buyer's Fee
9. Delivery of goods
10. Good Faith
11. Security

How do I sign up?

The status of all online auctions is open to everyone. However if you want to participate in the bids you must first signup.
In the signup page you must give your name, e-mail and country (optionally you can give your Company's Title and URL)
and press the Submit button. If you are in our database you will be automatically accepted and you will receive at the e-mail you have supplied your password. If you are not then it will be asking to complete your details and with submit them you will receive your password to your e-mail.

. How do I login?
Using the password you have received together with your e-mail you can login at the Auction page, after which you can place your bids at any running auction.

. Forgot my password?

You can have your password sent to the email address with which you registered by clicking here or in the auctions page at the underlined words: If you forgot your password, click here.

. Why am I unable to login even though I have registered?

After registering, an email is delivered to the address you provided us with. To finalize your registration, you must use the password in this email message to log into the auction pages.

. I did not receive my password, what should I do?

Your welcome email should arrive to your email box within minutes of your registration. If you are using some kind of anti-spam protection be sure you are able to receive email from

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Auction ID No

Start Auction price

The “Start Price” is the starting point of any lot.

Deposit Price is a specific amount that you are asked to pay in order to make a bid in the auction

Bid step the specific amount by which is increased every bid

First Deal price

The “First Deal Price” or “Buy now” is the worth price of the lot independently of the auction and it is posted on the detail’s board of every lot. When a Participant or other Buyer offers this amount at any stage of the auction, the lot is sold and the auction is considered terminated as without purpose and objective.

Seller’s Reserve price

“Seller’ s Reserve Price” is the amount between the Start Price and the First Deal Price at which the Vendor has agreed to sell. This price is fixed and secured on the written agreement between the Vendor and the Auctioneer and you can verify it contacting Auctioneer’s Law Counsel, through the Auctioneer.

Description of item

You can see the description of the Auctioned Item by clicking on the type of machine.

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Start of the AUCTION (date)

It appears in the page showing all running auctions and in the page showing all details of the current auction,

Bid’s Date The last day of the Auction’s period (Sunday)

Last AUCTION date

It appears in the page showing all running auctions in the "Seller's Reserve price on" column and in the page showing all details of the current auction,

. Where do I look to verify that an auction has ended?

This information appears at the top of the auction page

. Corrections / Retractions

However, in case of bidding on an incorrect lot, or any other mistake concerning your bid, the Auctioneer is able to correct your bid acting on his sole discretion and for limited occasions. The Bidder must immediately contact the Auctioneer by email, giving the necessary information concerning his identity and account, the mistake in case and expressing his will. The Auctioneer, after revision of the situation, will correct the bid according your instructions. It is not possible or permitable to attempt on your own in any case to intervene on the website and its functions other than the described above.

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You can inspect the auction items any time before the end of the auction.

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If you are interested in a any item you can click on the button “I am interested” so you can have frequently mail messages about anything concerns the item you have choice.

Proforma Invoice You “fill in” your requested information and by successful submission you receive by e-mail a
with the full details of the specific item of your choice {You will be asked to fill a form of your firm details and create a proforma invoice in which you can see all the specific details of this item and we have recorded your interest.} You can also view and print it by pressing the accordingly links .

after the issue of the proforma invoice in order to participate in the bidding for a particular item the certified customer must first make a deposit. This must be placed until the day before the last date of the auction (bid’s date)

The deposit can be paid in one of two ways:

a) Via bank account (wire transfer)
b) Through PayPal

At the same time the certified customer makes a pending request to the auctioneer, which will be activated
a) by wire transfer once the auctioneer receives information for the payment of the deposit
b) by PayPal automatically

in order to watch the progress of the machines you are interested in
and to make your bid at last minute.

By the presentation of a new higher bidder you can choose if you want to keep your deposit for another bid later or if you want this deposit to be refunded. In first way, your deposit will be keeping on the account for possibility of other bids and after the end of the auction either it will be deducted from the final price for the higher bidder or it will be refunded minus bank expenses.
In the second way, this amount will be refunded immediately (minus bank expenses).
Of course, you can put again a deposit and make a new bid.

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The Bid’s date you can place your bid by pressing the button "Accept the bid" the page will automatically refresh to display the current bidding status of the auction..

Who is the highest bidder

You will also receive an e-mail confirming that you are currently the highest bidder. You will also be informed through e-mail when another bidder has placed a higher bid than you in any of the auctions you are participating.

Increase of bid

You may increase your bid anytime prior to the close of the auction since you have first made the requested deposit and have kept it in the account. Your bid will be shown as the current high bid on the lot until you are outbid. The status of your bids will be displayed each time you use the Account Login function of the site. If you are outbid, you will receive an email notification with a link back to the auction.

When is the Auction completed
The auction will be completed at 14:00 GMT of the Auction date if there is only one bidder. If there is another bid until that time then the auction will be extended until 14:00 GMT of the next day and so on. The auction will be ended only if there is a full day without bids.

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All payments are due in total to IGRAM – KIOUSSIS T. IOANNIS by PayPal or through Wire Bank Transfer or in cash.

By the closure of the Auction at 23:59 if the highest bidder is the winner then he must pay in full the machine plus the 10% Auction’s fee in the next five (5) days in order to buy it.

If the highest bid is lower than the Seller’s Reserve price then automatically with the closure of the Auction the seller will be informed about it and he is obliged (as per agreement signed before the start of the Auction) to decide in 24 hours if he accepts the higher bid or not. If he accepts it then the higher bidder must pay in full the
machine plus the 10% Auction’s fee in the next five (5) days. If not, then the deposit will be returned to the higher bidder and the Seller will be charged the fees.

If the winner will not pay in full the machine in the next five (5) days in order to buy it, then he will lose his deposit.

After that, winner CAN be the second higher bidder if he has kept his deposit on the bidden item.
If the second bidder will not pay in full the machine in the other next five (5) days in order to buy it then he will also lose his deposit.

Now winner will be the third higher bidder if he has kept his deposit on the bidden item.

Sales Tax

Any price indicated on the Site or agreed in an Online Auction is stated exclusive of value added tax, custom clearance or any other applicable sales tax (ex-site), and must be met by the Buyer. All taxes arising on a sale shall be paid to the auctioneer at the time of the sale as analyzed and concluded in the Total Price.Buyers in Online Auctions shall be responsible for paying any value added tax or other taxes which may be due on amounts owed by the buyers under these Terms and Conditions in the applicable jurisdictions at the rates prevailing at the date that their contract of sale is concluded.

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IGRAM charges 10% BUYER’S FEE the winner of each item after the closure of the auction and the there not any hidden fees?

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If the successful bidder can not collect the lot in person, our company can arrange the item to be dispatched at bidder’s location. All costs for carriage and insurance must be met by the successful bidder, before despatch, and any claims for loss or damage on uninsured items will not be accepted by the IGRAM.

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IGRAM reserves the right to reject and delete any bid that it determines not to be made in good faith or in instances where the bidder has not established proper credit.

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Your name, user ID and email address information is kept confidential and will not be made available to other bidders.

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