iGRAM - Kioussis Ioannis is a company that has been serving the trade of Graphic Arts’ machinery exclusively for more than 45 years. We started as a small family company but by focusing on service and quality as well as meeting the needs of our customers, we have continued to grow in a mature market.

Before 12 years we expanded our businesses based mainly on exports and in the last 6 years we have shipped more than 140 containers in 52 different countries and states. This testifies our excellent quality as well as our competitive pricing.

More than the sale of a machine, we can also undertake the transport, shipment, installation and demonstration of the machine in your factory either with European or Greek technicians.

With our own warehouse of 3.000 m2, office, 10 ton forklift (for the loadings of machines in containers) and our own truck we work professionally, quietly and honestly.

For nearly 45 years, our strength has been our ability to establish and cultivate lasting relationships – with our clients, our suppliers and our own people. We’ve enjoyed much success in our business as a result.

In 2010 and after 20 consecutive years in dealing with Printing Machinery at an international level we created our own machinery AUCTIONS website at www.igram.eu/auctions.aspx.

At iGram.eu anyone can see all the machinery available in stock as well as customer’s machines (always by pre-agreed and signed sales contracts) starting at very low prices. We have created something very special that fulfills the needs of the pre-press industry.

In our 1st auction we achieved fair and transparent sales, that coincides with our business culture, through our auctions website with a reach of more than 120.000 customers. We also provided an impeccable customer support service to any questions and solved any customer frustrations.

Our 2nd auctions improved on previous experiences by providing a better structured and convenient website and a continuance of our company policy of customer support.

For our 3rd auction in April 2012 we added the convenience and security of PayPal to our already successful website. With the use of paypal we ensured both buyers and auctioneers by putting a pre-condition of making a minimal deposit in order to participate in the actual auction. This ensured the participation of only real buyers.

Now for our 4th official auction we provide a complete redesign of our auctions website for a revamped and intuitive user experience.

And will we what the future holds for us!

The auctioneer John Kioussis