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#Auction TitleCategoryVisitsBids
162XEROX DocuColor 2060 digital printingPre-Press3376
20ROLAND REKORD RZK 3B offset machinePress7455
138Heidelberg SM 102 FPP (cpc, cpTronic)Press12205
15ROLAND ULTRA RVU-5 offset machinePress16214
22ROLAND FAVORIT RZF OB offset machinePress8634
103HEIDELBERG S cylinderConverting5004
85MAXIMA MT 80 cutting machineConverting4933
140Polygraph Brehmer 381/4 Sewer with HEADOP feederBook-binding4933
149Formall Edelmann V 38 Business forms (4colors)Press5363
179BOBST PCR 930 Folder gluer (3 glue guns)Converting5783
25Heidelberg KORS offset machinePress8743
35KAMA TS 112-2 Die cutting machineConverting9653
23ADAST 525P offset machinePress7453
72Polygraph Brehmer 381/4 Sewer with HEADOP feederBook-binding7783
19ROLAND REKORD RZK 3B -1970 offset machinePress7103
172ROLAND REKORD RVK 3B offset machinePress14863
171IMAF SLP 85 Plate processorPre-Press26713
34BOBST SP 1120-E Die cutting machineConverting10433
120SCHNEIDER SENATOR 106 cutting machineConverting2523
117SCHNEIDER SENATOR 132 cutting machineConverting3203
105HEIDELBERG S cylinder 54x72Converting3292
104HEIDELBERG S cylinder 54x72 servicedConverting3522
111VEGA 400 folder gluerConverting3672
113PERONDI Rigid boxConverting3592
132ZOCCATELLI AZ ACC laminating machineFinishing3892
195SULBY CENTURY Perfect binder plus TrimmerBook-binding4302
11AGFA Accuset 1400 Image SetterPre-Press4322
156KAESER Airtower 26 rotary air compressorMiscellaneous2552
121MAXIMA MT 80 cutting machineConverting2862
17ROLAND FAVORIT RVF OB-E offset machinePress11502
14ROLAND 607 +Lack offset machinePress18422
44HEIDELBERG S cylinder 54x72 servicedConverting5752
177HEIDELBERG S cylinder 54x72Converting6392
39RABOLINI 86 Hand fed diecutterConverting5862
58SCHNEIDER SENATOR 106 cutting machineConverting6022
51SOAG 60 folder gluerConverting7942
27ADAST Dominant 516Press8082
80Wohlenberg 44FM50 Three knife trimmerBook-binding5172
53PERONDI Rigid boxConverting5382
57SCHNEIDER SENATOR 132 cutting machineConverting4502
46HEIDELBERG S cylinder 52x72Converting5002
45HEIDELBERG S cylinder 54x72Converting4461
81Perfecta SDY-EZ-1 Three knife trimmerBook-binding4761
56WOHLENBERG 155 MCS cutting machineConverting5481
18ROLAND ULTRA RZU-5 offset machinePress9791
48BOBST PCR 930 Folder gluerConverting8781
59W+D 803.03 window patching machineConverting6061
24AURELIA 136 offset machinePress6161
169AGFA Accuset 1400 Image SetterPre-Press6211
21ROLAND FAVORIT RZF OB -1978 offset machinePress6361
71NECKAR N14-TMF Collator and StitcherBook-binding6411
83MBO Z knifeBook-binding6491
242VEGA 400 folder gluerConverting7051
170SCITEX Dolev 450 Image Setter & HOPE processorPre-Press14941
63Muller Martini RB5 perfect binderBook-binding8271
173ROLAND REKORD RZK 3B offset (blue machine)Press8331
49VEGA 750 folder gluerConverting8441
161XEROX DocuPrint 135 black-white digital printingPre-Press2691
119MAXIMA MS 107 cutting machineConverting2421
265AGFA Accuset 1000 Plus Image Setter & OMEGAPre-Press581
115FMC D-line Rigid boxConverting1741
146MBO T 52/4X folding machineBook-binding1871
98TOSI 120 Handfed die-cutterConverting2011
158TRANE Packaged Roof top air to air unitMiscellaneous2141
50VEGA 400 folder gluerConverting4361
40CROSLAND 86 Handfeed die-cutterConverting3721
94MILLER TP 104-2 offset machinePress3821
77MBO K 67/4 KZ folding machineBook-binding3821
67SULBY CENTURY Perfect binder plus TrimmerBook-binding3911
70Polygraph Brehmer 735 StitcherBook-binding3531
75BREHMER Multi Effekt 100-16 folding machineBook-binding3291
118SCHNEIDER SENATOR 115H-CT cutting machineConverting3261
116WOHLENBERG 155 MCS cutting machineConverting3431
106HEIDELBERG S cylinder 52x72Converting3221
74BREHMER Multi Effekt 100 -32 pp folding machineBook-binding3111
185SCHNEIDER SENATOR 106 cutting machineConverting313 
207SCHOBER VA 80 perforator & creasingMiscellaneous314 
174Koenig & Bauer SN 77 offset machinePress314 
226MBO T 74/442 folding machineBook-binding315 
229MBO T 52/4X folding machineBook-binding318 
54FMC B-line Rigid boxConverting318 
220TECNOBLOCK Rilspi 640 Wire'O binding & punchingBook-binding319 
217SCHOBER VA 80 perforator & creasingMiscellaneous323 
47FRONTEX Automatic cylinder 38x51Converting321 
197ITALA 510 sheet CollatorBook-binding254 
262HOBEMA 125 Sheeter-SlitterConverting40 
41ALBERT Frankenthal President cylinderConverting345 
186Heidelberg T letterpressConverting342 
109Heidelberg KS cylinderConverting326 
208Billhofer MFKS 76/114 film laminatingFinishing354 
232POMA sheeter/slitterConverting358 
78MBO T 52/4X folding machineBook-binding358 
133Heidelberg S + Gold foil CavomitFinishing367 
215ITALA 510 sheet CollatorBook-binding370 
175TOSI 120 Handfed die-cutterConverting370 
52FIDIA DORA 76 folder gluer for CDConverting392 
108ALBERT Frankenthal cylinder 40x60Converting395 
243SCHNEIDER SENATOR 106 cutting machineConverting396 
73BREHMER Multi Effekt 2673 folding machineBook-binding402 
76MBO T 74/442 folding machineBook-binding402 
210Muller Martini 251 Three knife trimmerBook-binding403 
238ZOCCATELLI AZ ACC laminating machineFinishing405 
107FRONTEX Automatic cylinder 38x51Converting406 
244KAESER Airtower 26 rotary air compressorMiscellaneous409 
38UNICUTTER handplaten with automatic feederConverting413 
37TOSI 120 Handfed die-cutterConverting415 
188XEROX DocuPrint 135 black-white digital printingPre-Press415 
223ALBERT Frankenthal President cylinder with MABEGConverting417 
247FIDIA DORA 76 folder gluer for CDConverting419 
65Muller Martini Normbinder NB2S perfect binderBook-binding421 
64Muller Martini Normbinder NB2 perfect binderBook-binding424 
84ITALA 510 sheet CollatorBook-binding427 
187SAKURAI OLIVER 6 OffsetPress430 
236TOSI 120 Handfed die-cutterConverting384 
201KOLBUS HD Three knife trimmerBook-binding384 
209BILLHOFER Gulamat 3500 GJU varnishingFinishing386 
159Billhofer MFKS 76/114 film laminatingFinishing387 
26Koenig & Bauer SN 77 offset machinePress388 
42ALBERT Frankenthal President cylinder with MABEGConverting372 
224MAF WS3 Film wrapping machineFinishing377 
102ALBERT Frankenthal President cylinder with MABEGConverting378 
92ROLAND REKORD RVK 3B offset machinePress379 
128ADAST Grafopress letterpressConverting379 
235Polygraph Brehmer 735 StitcherBook-binding380 
178HEIDELBERG S cylinder 52x72Converting438 
259Brehmer 731 blue stitcher with chainBook-binding439 
184MAXIMA MS 107 cutting machineConverting390 
255Moll Sprint foldergluer mc for folders and CDConverting391 
93ROLAND REKORD RZK 3B offset (blue machine)Press362 
182FMC B-line Rigid boxConverting216 
230BREHMER Multi Effekt 100-16 folding machineBook-binding216 
99UNICUTTER handplaten with automatic feederConverting219 
134MAF WS3 Film wrapping machineFinishing220 
124Heidelberg T letterpressConverting220 
231BREHMER Multi Effekt 100 -32 pp folding machineBook-binding223 
127ADAST Grafopress letterpressConverting224 
114FMC B-line Rigid boxConverting226 
151TECNOBLOCK Rilspi 640 Wire'O binding & punchingBook-binding226 
160BILLHOFER Gulamat 3500 GJU varnishingFinishing229 
55FMC D-line Rigid boxConverting229 
163POMA sheeter/slitterConverting230 
164INTERKLIMA MDP Pgd Roof top airconditioner 135 kwMiscellaneous230 
136SULBY CENTURY Perfect binder plus TrimmerBook-binding231 
205BREHMER 5073 32pp FolderBook-binding232 
145MBO K 67/4 KZ folding machineBook-binding232 
122Heidelberg T letterpressConverting233 
196NECKAR N14-TMF Collator and StitcherBook-binding233 
150HANG 84 HM Rivetering for Lever Arch FilesBook-binding234 
202ATLAS three knife trimmerBook-binding238 
101ALBERT Frankenthal President cylinderConverting238 
180VEGA 400 folder gluerConverting241 
218OMG STACKER BBook-binding202 
165INTERKLIMA MDP Pgd Roof top airconditioner 115 kwMiscellaneous205 
153BREHMER 5073 32pp FolderBook-binding205 
125Heidelberg T letterpressConverting207 
139Polygraph Brehmer 735 StitcherBook-binding211 
144MBO T 74/442 folding machineBook-binding212 
143BREHMER Multi Effekt 100-16 folding machineBook-binding188 
166INTERKLIMA MDP Pgd Roof top airconditioner 195 kwMiscellaneous188 
245HANG 84 HM Rivetering for Lever Arch FilesBook-binding200 
154OMG STACKER BBook-binding174 
148ATLAS three knife trimmerBook-binding179 
152LACONDA B4 GS CollatorBook-binding181 
97Nebiolo URANIA autoplatenConverting181 
155SCHOBER VA 80 perforator & creasingMiscellaneous182 
141ITALA 510 sheet CollatorBook-binding160 
142BREHMER Multi Effekt 100 -32 pp folding machineBook-binding166 
91IMAF SLP 85 Plate processorPre-Press169 
137NECKAR N14-TMF Collator and StitcherBook-binding172 
126Heidelberg T letterpressConverting243 
147Perfecta SDY-EZ-1 Three knife trimmerBook-binding244 
200MBO T 74/442 folding machineBook-binding247 
192ZOCCATELLI AZ ACC laminating machineFinishing248 
68Muller Martini 300 Saddle StitcherBook-binding250 
90SCITEX Dolev 450 Image Setter & HOPE processorPre-Press251 
100CROSLAND 86 Handfeed die-cutterConverting252 
194MAF WS3 Film wrapping machineFinishing261 
249ATLAS three knife trimmerBook-binding261 
198BREHMER Multi Effekt 100 -32 pp folding machineBook-binding262 
203TECNOBLOCK Rilspi 640 Wire'O binding & punchingBook-binding265 
79KOLBUS HD Three knife trimmerBook-binding265 
69Muller Martini 321 Saddle stitcherBook-binding266 
110BOBST PCR 930 Folder gluerConverting267 
239FMC B-line Rigid boxConverting267 
157OEMB Elettromecanica TG 708/C TransformerMiscellaneous268 
204LACONDA B4 GS CollatorBook-binding269 
183FMC D-line Rigid boxConverting270 
89AGFA Accuset 1400 Image SetterPre-Press275 
123Heidelberg T letterpressConverting277 
181PERONDI Rigid boxConverting278 
82Muller Martini 251 Three knife trimmerBook-binding282 
95Koenig & Bauer SN 77 offset machinePress284 
112FIDIA DORA 76 folder gluer for CDConverting287 
176ALBERT Frankenthal President cylinderConverting287 
206OMG STACKER BBook-binding288 
260SHOEI SRK74, 32pp folder, roundpile, 8KTLIBook-binding289 
219BREHMER 5073 32pp FolderBook-binding292 
199BREHMER Multi Effekt 100-16 folding machineBook-binding292 
191AUTOBOND AFD 76 film laminatingFinishing293 
248MAXIMA MT 80 cutting machineConverting293 
130Billhoefer SBFLK 100 Film laminating machineFinishing296 
60MAF WS3 Film wrapping machineFinishing297 
234CROSLAND 86 Handfeed die-cutterConverting297 
131AUTOBOND AFD 76 film laminatingFinishing299 
241FMC D-line Rigid boxConverting300 
227MBO K 67/4 KZ folding machineBook-binding308 
16ROLAND REKORD RVK 3B offset machinePress1193 
10AGFA Accuset 1000 Plus Image Setter & OMEGAPre-Press1101 
250XEROX DocuPrint 135 black-white digital printingPre-Press1101 
222LACONDA B4 GS CollatorBook-binding1113 
96BOBST SP 1120-E Die cutting machineConverting730 
28FormAll - Edelmann V 38 Business Forms pressPress688 
256Hotfoil Miller Johannisberg 104S, 4steps, PcontrolFinishing592 
193Heidelberg S + Gold foil CavomitFinishing593 
86Heidelberg T letterpressConverting598 
32KAMA TS 96 HF Hot foil stamping pressFinishing886 
266BOBST SP 1080 Automatic die-cutterConverting990 
61KAESER Airtower 26 rotary air compressorMiscellaneous1005 
135Muller Martini MONOBLOCK perfect binderBook-binding1021 
214FormAll - Edelmann V 38 Business Forms pressPress1036 
252AUTOBOND AFD 76 film laminatingFinishing816 
13IMAF SLP 85 Plate processorPre-Press788 
253SAKURAI OLIVER 6 OffsetPress748 
254Paperplast DRY thermal laminating 70X100Finishing749 
251XEROX DocuColor 2060 digital printingPre-Press764 
211Nebiolo URANIA autoplaten 80X112 cmConverting768 
237ALBERT Frankenthal President cylinderConverting559 
129GIARDINA Grafica 1500 varnishing machineFinishing560 
31ZOCCATELLI AZ ACC laminating machineFinishing565 
33Heidelberg S + Gold foil CavomitFinishing566 
258Heidelberg CPC 1.03 plate scannerPre-Press567 
43HEIDELBERG S cylinderConverting568 
30Billhoefer SBFLK 100 Film laminating machineFinishing569 
88TISSON business forms machinePress571 
257Egraf progress 90 plate processorPre-Press572 
2214 x Heidelberg T letterpress (4 pieces)Converting543 
36Nebiolo URANIA autoplatenConverting546 
2334 x ADAST Grafopress letterpress (4 pieces)Converting520 
62Muller Martini MONOBLOCK perfect binderBook-binding524 
12SCITEX Dolev 450 Image Setter & HOPE processorPre-Press586 
240PERONDI Rigid boxConverting485 
216Koenig & Bauer SN 77 offset machinePress488 
246UNICUTTER handplaten with automatic feederConverting493 
190Billhoefer SBFLK 100 Film laminating machineFinishing447 
225NECKAR N14-TMF Collator and StitcherBook-binding448 
29GIARDINA Grafica 1500 varnishing machineFinishing503 
228Nebiolo URANIA autoplaten 80X112 cmConverting510 
189XEROX DocuColor 2060 digital printingPre-Press463 
87MILLER TP 104-2 offset machinePress494 
Czech Republic2
Sri Lanka2
United Kingdom3

Total Visits: 114907  Total Bids: 147